I wish I could go back to the days of having no responsibilities. All I had to do was go to school, get good grades, and complete my chores. I took it upon myself at age 12 to get a job (paper route) simply because I wanted my own money. Getting those $30-40 checks made me feel so good.

How about passing a letter to someone you liked and asking them to be your boy/girlfriend and telling them  to check yes or no. Every now and then, you had the one that had to be difficult and write maybe with some sort of condition. I remember telling this boy in the 5th grade that I would be his girlfriend if he brought me a honey bun and quarter water to school every day. Hee hee, I know, that was wrong 🙂

Things were so simple when we were younger. The smallest things made us happy. When I look at my son playing, he has no idea what I go through daily to ensure his safety and to care for him. Life to him is toys, playing with his friends, watching cartoons and occasional trips to Chuck E Cheese. I can take him to Dollar Tree and let him pick out something and that one little thing means the world to him. The simple things.

As adults, we tend to forget about the simple things. We’re so focused on planning, what’s not occurring, what someone is not doing, etc that we don’t take out time to enjoy those little things that can make us smile. Remember how you felt when you received a  text from that special someone saying ‘Thinking of You’ or a random flower from your significant other or a compliment from a coworker on a job well done or just taking a walk and enjoy the sun, breeze and hearing the birds chirp. We get so caught up in life’s mishaps that we don’t take time to see or appreciate these small tokens of affection or the beauty of nature.

I’m a worry rat and a ball of nerves the majority of the time. I’m always in the planning and “what if” state of mind, that I forget to think or look at what good is happening around me. Small tokens of affection have gone unnoticed due to my own insecurities. I overlook the simple things because something grandiose or outlandish wasn’t done. I question other’s motives and think too much into their actions, rather than just appreciate what they did.

Instead of making everything into a complex situation, take it for what it is. Sometimes, the simple things are the easiest to fix, less stressful and will make you the happiest it.

“It’s the little things, And the joy they bring.” —“Little Things” by India Arie


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